About Us

Who's behind LinksSpy? 

LinksSpy is a company based out of beautiful Munich, Germany. We've been in business since 2013.  

We focus on these things: 

  • Your success – Our primary goal is to make YOU more awesome at your job – and your job more awesome for you by removing boring & repetitive tasks
  • Your happiness – We do our level best to keep you a fan of our software. We don't want your money if you are not happy
  • Transparency – We will let you know when we make any mistakes and we'll correct them ; no wishy-washy PR talk, no excuses

We know that this won't always be easy and that we will sometimes fail – just let us know when we do and we'll try to correct the wrong. 

The Team


Christoph Engelhardt LinksSpy.comThis is me, Christoph. I am the founder of LinksSpy and currently the only developer. I dedicate nights and weekends to bootstrap and grow LinksSpy. Yes, this means that my response time won't always be the fastest, but LinksSpy is my baby and you can trust me that I will take good care of it. 

I am an officer in the German Armed Forces and hold a Master's degree in electrical engineering. Programming has always been a passion for me and I started at the age of 14. 

The idea for LinksSpy came to me while I was working at Moz (formerly SEOMoz). I helped find ways to improve the size and quality of their data. While working with their amazing tools, I found that they were missing actionable advice for people less versed in search engine optimization (SEO). In order to get insights from the data you had to know quite a bit about SEO and spend a lot of time digging through the vast amounts of data. 

So I set out to build a tool that would do that for you. This is how LinksSpy came to live. 


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