Business of SEO Podcast Episode 1: Positioning Yourself with Kai Davis

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Business of SEO Podcast.  Today I am very pleased to have on the show Kai Davis.  Kai is an Outreach Consultant and shares tons of his most useful strategies with us today on how to get more high quality leads to your business.

In the show Kai and I talk about his 3 most powerful resources that have helped form his consultancy:  

1.  Double Your Freelancing Rate by Brennan Dunn
2.  The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
3.  30×500 course by Amy Hoy

Kai has a special business model for the SEO world, where he focuses not on link building, but rather link earning, and in particular has a particular skill for outbound email marketing.  
I asked Kai to share his 2 big business successes.  Those are fantastic stories with even better lessons behind them. In one, Kai talks about how he landed a $20,000 consulting business by persistently following up with the potential customer.

In the second example, he talks about how he built up a $40,000 arbitrage business buying and selling iPhones while living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When thinking about what he would do differently if he "had it to do all over again", Kai definitively says that he would charge higher prices for his services from the beginning.  One of his business mentors, Jonathan Stark formed a lot of the value based pricing strategies that Kai now uses to charge much higher fees than his competitors.

Pro Tool:  Kai recommends the Gmail extension – Yesware

You can reach Kai directly on Twitter @KaisDavis, or sign up for his newsletter at

Asking for client referrals

Here's the email that Kai uses to solicit word-of-mouth from his clients: 

Hi [Name], 

It's been a pleasure working with you and I wanted to let you know that I'm actively growing my business. Because you've been one of my best customers, I want to learn how I can attract more clients like you. 

I'd love to set up a short 15-minute call to ask you a few questions about your industry to learn how I can better position myself. 

As a first step, just send me back a quick 'Sounds good!'. I'll reply back with a few times for us to talk. 





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