Competitor Link Building

Were you aware that you can perform an analysis on competitor link building that will increase your own efficiency in the link building area?

To begin, link building is a task. Developing and implementing relevant links requires patience and time. They are invaluable in maintaining a presence on the Internet, heightening your value in search engines. Links are important to SEO. Google strives to devalue the irrelevant material that floods the web. 

Studying what your competitors are doing can be used as a basis for your own link building campaigns. The first step is a basic – but detailed – backlink analysis. It requires a professional to examine websites and links taking potential conversions to those websites. It takes a deft hand, one that understands data linking pages, how they are linking, number of total links, their relevancy and the validity of the linking websites. The process requires being familiar with resources like Open Site Explorer, Raven Tools and SEO SpyGlass, to name a few.

By getting a handle on your online competition in your industry, the data can be utilized to build strategies. You can analyze which competitors have the most links coming from distinct domains going directly to them. Or study the average link number per competitor and get an understanding of the landscape between your company’s products or services versus the competition. When conducted professionally, this information can be used to determine the size and scope of your link building and what you may be competing with before developing your company’s online campaign.

Competitor link building helps to make successful SEO strategies. The gathered data lets you determine what competitive approaches to link building have garnered the most links. Factor in you are looking to convert the same targets, implementing similar and aggressive link building to reach your own online business goals.

Another vital aspect of competitor link building is finding the sites where competition is acquiring their links. These are exceptional opportunities for your own link building. Your competitor’s links means these are preexisting prospects that can be of value. This alleviates the search for the strong linking that your business needs. Once you find out where your competitors back links are coming from you can contact the same websites they got links from, doing similar PR campaign to get easy links.

These backlinks will be important to your site and certainly worth the investigation. In the end, competitor link building minimizes the hard work that goes into developing quality links. As in any successful marketing campaign, competitor link building involves knowing what your competition is doing right and wrong, and using that information to your benefit.

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