How Will Your SEO Agency Scale?

How Will Your SEO Agency Scale?

Nearly 12 billion searches are conducted on Google every single month!

People are posing their questions to search engines every day and are looking for the right answers and solutions that will solve their problems.

So, as an SEO agency, you have to be thinking about how you can capture the attention of the right people at the right time.

What it comes down to is that scaling your SEO agency is really a two-part question.

First, how will you scale your SEO processes for the variety of different types of clients you will be working with?

Second, how does your agency scale to meet the demand as your business continues to grow?

Let's dig in to find out.

Account Management

Dan Olson speaks of the importance of account management, and it makes perfect sense.

The more clients you get, the more streamlined your onboarding process is going to need to be. Otherwise, things will slow down, and your clients won't feel very important.

Furthermore, you have to have a documented system for how you handle your clients from start to finish.

Here's how to make that happen:

  • Next time you onboard a new client, have someone document the entire process from start to finish.
  • Then, when you get another new client, follow that documented process to onboard them.
  • Observe any flaws or mistakes within the process, and improve upon it as necessary.

The mark of a good system is that anybody within your agency can follow it. It should be simple.

Similarly, you can have a system for how you handle clients from start to finish!


Jim Yu defines workflow as your approach to your work; a repeatable process for how a project gets done.

The only way to scale your agency properly is to avoid having to reinvent the wheel every time you start a new project.

In your head, you may know exactly what steps you typically follow to optimize client websites.

But you can't stop there. You need to make a written checklist, a step-by-step how-to, a straightforward program that applies to most if not all clients that choose to work with you.

Again, it should be so simple that practically anyone in your agency could follow it.

Then, as you continue to grow, you will also want to find tools that can help you automate and streamline your program.

The point is to make it repeatable, and the only way you're going to achieve that is by listing out everything you do, and using the right tools to make it efficient.

Results Measurement

Miranda Miller has a great list of tips for scaling SEO.

One of the items she brings up is that of ROI or measurement.

Obviously, SEO can be a pretty competitive field, and if you want to continue to get new clients and repeat business, measuring how you're doing and what you're doing for your customers is an absolute must.

As we all know, SEO tends to be a slow-going, long-term strategy. You need buy-in from your clients and to help them understand how it all works.

But if you can't show your customers what you're doing and how that's going to lead to desirable ends, you're in trouble.

You have to be able to demonstrate how your strategy works and what it's going to do.

Here, too, you're going to need to find the right tools to measure. You'll also have to determine which metrics to track.

Make sure your program is as simple as possible so that no one thing takes an inordinate amount of effort or time.


There is a lot more involved in scaling your SEO agency, but the key items have been covered here.

As you probably noticed, keeping it simple is really important to scaling.

You need to have things in place that are repeatable; things that you can easily do over and over again.

Failing to do this will lead to a program that's difficult to implement and execute on in a time-effective manner.

Efficiency is the linchpin of the operation, so even though it won't be perfect at first, continue to improve upon your processes as you go.

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