Making Your Life Easier With Filters & Link Building Reports

Our work here at LinksSpy is all about making your work easier by taking away the boring parts. You no longer have to go through 1000s of back links to find a few golden nuggets, you can just hand off that work to LinksSpy.

With the latest version (just deployed to a server near you) we aim to make it even better:

  • better onboarding experience
  • better filter options
  • all-new link building reports to win more clients

Better Onboarding Experience

This won't affect you if you are already past your trial phase, but for new signups we have revamped the in-app onboarding (the nice little popups that tell you what to do next).

Additionally, we added a series of emails that explain key features and educate on link outreach for new signups.

1 Month Free for Every Friend You Refer

So if you always wanted to tell your friends about LinksSpy, but feared it would be too complicated for them, NOW is the time. 🙂

By the way, if you tell your friends about LinksSpy and they sign up, drop me an email and you will get one month of free service.

Better filters for the list of link opportunities has been on my to-do list for quite some time, so I am very happy to say we finally made it happen.

You can now filter your suggestions by the following criteria:

  • show only the newest suggestions – i.e. those that were added with the latest refresh of our data
  • show websites who are already linking to you – by default LinksSpy will only tell you about opportunities that have never linked to you
  • show only links from "generic" top level domains. There are a number of domains that Google does NOT consider to be bound to a country (e.g. .com/.org/.net/.co/.io/.me) and you can now filter out those opportunities. This allows you to go after those opportunities that will have the biggest impact for your client's international websites
  • search for keywords in URL. You can now search for keywords in the URLs of the source pages. E.g. search for "list" to find link opportunities in list format

This will make finding great link opportunities easier for you and hopefully save you a lot of time.

Let me know what you think – preferably via email to christoph@[LinksSpy dot com].

We not only want you to rock your client's world, but we also want to make you kick ass on the business side of things.

That's why we have a big part of our blog focused on business-related topics – such as The Hands-On Guide to Making Your SEO Clients Pay on Time.
Now we are going to take this one step further: LinksSpy will help you win more proposals.

For this we have added a completely new feature: Link building reports.
Those reports tell your prospects exactly where they are in terms of the main ranking factors (total number of links, link diversity and Moz's Domain Authority) compared to their competitors.

Here's an example of how those reports look like: LinksSpy Link Building Report Sample

You can get a link building report for each of your campaigns by going to the campaign details page and selecting "Link Building Report" from the "wrench" menu.



Use those reports in your proposals to show your prospective customers exactly where they are – and where your help will take them.

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