The One Report to Win Your SEO Prospects

Struggling to win-over your SEO prospects? Finding it hard to secure enough customers to keep your SEO agency in good health? Don’t worry. Armed with LinksSpy’s affordable link intersect analysis, it’s easier than ever to prove your value to your latest batch of prospects.


Expand your agency with a growing customer base

With the search industry constantly changing, SEO agencies have to be smarter than ever before. As well as responding to the ever-changing rules of search engine optimization, and the changing needs of businesses, SEO agencies need to be fearless in their pursuit of new customers. It isn’t enough for an agency to secure a handful of lucrative clients, and simply rest on their laurels – agencies need to constantly identify new prospects, convince them of the value of their agency, and turn them into customers. Successful SEO agencies aren’t just built on a strong customer base – they’re built on a growing customer base.


Turn prospects into customers by creating urgency

With most SEO agencies pretty savvy at marketing themselves, connecting to potential customers isn’t the problem. The real issue lies in converting prospects into customers, and persuading them of their real and urgent need for your SEO services. Virtually every business would like to improve their search ranking – but very few are motivated enough to sign on the dotted line, and commit to your SEO agency. So how can we create that motivation? How can we create enough urgency to persuade your prospects to make the leap to customer-status? What tools are at our disposal?


Persuade your prospects with link intersect analysis

Link intersect analysis is a crucial tool in the fight for killer backlinking opportunities. Virtually every SEO expert conducts some element of link intersect analysis, and uses the results to improve their own SEO. So why not apply the same principles to your prospects?

Step 1: Identify your prospect’s competitors.

Perform a series of search engine searches around industry-related keywords. Try and identify the most successful and popular businesses within your prospects niche; and those businesses that are their strongest competition. Try searches around your prospect's products and services, and make a note of any Top 10 business than ranks for crucial search terms. Compile these into a list of competitors.

Step 2: Gather backlink data.

Armed with your spreadsheet of industry rivals, you can get right into your link intersect analysis. By analyzing the backlink profiles of your prospect’s rivals, you can create a benchmark for the number of backlinks your prospect needs to be aiming for. Better still, you can even determine the specific websites that represent the best opportunity for obtaining these backlinks. This is information your prospect will kill for!

Step 3: Show your prospect that they’re lagging behind their rivals

By comparing the link intersect analysis of your prospect and their competitors, you’ll be able to present your lead with cold, hard evidence of their need for an SEO agency. You’ll be able to show your lead that their rivals are dominating the SERPs – and their backlink profiles are responsible. Thankfully, all is not lost! Armed with your backlink report, you can present an actionable strategy to your prospect. You can explain why they need backlinks, and how your agency intends to get them – just as soon as they sign-up to become a fully-fledged customer!


Let LinksSpy help win your prospects

LinksSpy is designed specifically for accurate and straightforward link intersect analysis. It’s an all-in-one link building tool, designed to streamline outreach as well as identification of linking opportunities. Better still, the low-costs of using LinksSpy makes link intersect analysis a viable tool for use across all of your prospects. LinksSpy can create the report for you; and if you’re able to secure just a single customer because of its findings, the tool pays for itself.


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