Steal Backlinks From Your Competitors

For those struggling to rank higher in the search engines, you can optimize your content with SEO strategies until you're blue in the face, but that alone may not rank your site where you want it. There are multiple strategies for ranking over your competitors and to steal backlinks from them. This is especially frustrating when you know you have great content. It should be outranking the content on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. It's much better than the competition and it can be extremely frustrating to see inferior content above yours. 

Journey to Ranking

Ranking your website can take weeks if not months. You're creating content and uploading it to article directories to create superior backlinks to your site. You've joined social bookmarking sites, started a blog to talk about your site and get extra links, but you're still not seeing your site rising in the rankings. 

There's a way to steal competitors backlinks so you can rank higher than them. Most sites that rank higher do so because they have spent a lot of time creating backlinks from other sites. You can do the same, and if you have other rich content links, you'll soon outrank your competitors. 

Duplicating Not Stealing

You're duplicating the results achieved by competitors to get search rankings. That's a good business practice. There's no reason you should have to reinvent the wheel. Clearly, the strategies and backlinks from these high-ranking sites work because they've clawed their way at the top of the search engines. 

Research Competitors

Search in Google or Bing for the highest-ranking competitor that you'd like to beat using the keywords you're ranking for on your site. Take that web address and use an SEO tool to analyze their backlinks. Once you've gathered all the backlinks, you can analyze them for page ranking and suitability. When you steal competitors backlinks, you want to take only the best. 

Contact Sites

After finding all the backlinks, contact the ones you'd like have a relationship with as well. Ask if you can link to your site. Many blogs and websites would love to add more quality links to their blogrolls and recommendations. This is especially true if your content fits in their niche.

It can take some time to investigate. Don't just stick to one competitor. You can analyze and steal competitors backlinks from all the sites that rank on page one for your keyword. Don't limit yourself since many sites could be dead-ends. It won't happen overnight but over time as you continue to steal competitors backlinks you will begin to see your site rank higher.

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