The Top 10 Cloud-Based Services Your SEO Agency Should Be Using

Streamline the day-to-day operations of your SEO agency with these 10 essential cloud-based services!


10. FreshBooks

Accounting: a word that instills terror into any small business owner. Healthy, well-managed finances are the heart and soul of a successful SEO agency, and thanks to cloud-based accounting service FreshBooks, managing your accounts in-house is easier than ever.

With a super simple interface, FreshBooks pairs a ton of useful accounting features into one package. From time-tracking to client invoicing, every step of the business process is accounted for. You can monitor when your client’s view your invoices, and even receive payment immediately, thanks to integration with PayPal and a range of other payment services.

Get the app: FreshBooks


9. Trello

Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference. Trello is a workflow tool that helps organize your day-to-day activities. It uses a satisfyingly visual system of cards to manage your day’s tasks and responsibilities – allowing you to drag and drop activities from one group (To Do, for example) to another (Done!). It’s super easy to add other people to your cards as well, making it perfect for managing a small team of freelancers.

Get the app: Trello


8. TeamworkPM

Outgrown Trello? TeamworkPM is an all-in-one project management and workflow tool, and it’s perfect for agencies that have started some serious growth.

TeamworkPM makes it quick and easy to create projects, assign milestones and goals, and manage a network of both employees and clients. It’s compatible with dozens of other useful apps, making it a perfect central hub for managing your day to day operations. It also stands out from other project management tools because of its awesome visualization features – offering crucial at-a-glance information in an easily digestible format.

Get the app: TeamworkPM


7. Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is designed to streamline the tedious process of chasing leads. It’s a comprehensive cloud-based CRM service, and it’s packed-full of killer time-saving features. It pairs email templates, lead scoring, campaign development and advanced analytics with fully-automated triggers – sending out the perfect response to any action your website visitor takes.

Best of all, it’s available in a range of different packages and features. With a price tag to suit any budget, it’s the perfect cloud-based resource for an SEO agency looking to standardize and streamline their sales process.

Get the app: Sales Cloud


6. MailChimp

Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels at your disposal – and MailChimp is an awesome way to benefit from it.

With a drag-and-drop email template builder, it’s possible to create super-sexy HTML emails in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re promoting your latest blog post, or sending a monthly newsletter, MailChimp will make it easy to design, write, send and track your latest email campaign. Best of all, the completely free to use version of MailChimp contains enough functionality for the budding SEO expert to see a real impact from their email marketing efforts. Combine MailChimp with an opt-in email newsletter, and you’re well on your way to awesome lead nurturing!

Get the app: MailChimp


5. Office365

The Microsoft Office suite has been at the heart of… well, everything, since it was released several decades ago. In the years since, dozens of iterations have been released, combining the latest great features with incredibly hefty price tags. Thankfully, the new monthly subscription-based model employed by Office365 makes it seriously affordable for even the smallest SEO agency. As it’s cloud-based, you’ll also benefit from automatic updates to the software whenever the latest version is released.

Get the app: Office365


4. Skype

There’s more to Skype than video-calling your cat when you’re away on business.

Skype makes it possible to communicate with international clients at a fraction of the cost of a regular phone call. High-quality video calling and chat features make it possible to get personal with clients and employees, regardless of where they are in the world.  Better yet, Skype’s screen-sharing features make it the perfect tool for pitching to remote clients – allowing you to host a PowerPoint presentation, and talk through a live demo of your SEO software.

Get the app: Skype


3. GoogleApps

All SEO experts have a love-hate relationship with Google, as we watch our hard-earned rankings rise and fall from month-to-month. Thankfully, the development of Google’s app suite (imaginatively called GoogleApps) should help restore your gratitude to the search giant.

Alongside must-have resources like Gmail and Google Drive, the integration of Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides has turned GoogleApps into a one-stop shop for the productive SEO expert. With a sleek and simple user interface, GoogleApps can streamline your daily workflow by hours, removing the need to switch between apps and ensuring compatibility between dozens of different documents.

Get the app: GoogleApps


2. BufferApp

Social media signals play an increasingly crucial role in determining search engine rank. Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets and LinkedIn Shares all influence Google’s search algorithms, and healthy Google Plus engagement is directly related to ranking well. In other words, your social media marketing is incredibly important.

Thankfully, BufferApp makes SMM easier and more effective than ever. It’s a cloud-base scheduling app that’s perfect for building your social networks with awesome content. It allows you to fill up your queue with dozens (hundreds!) of beautifully formatted posts, days, weeks and months in advance. The paid version even includes a range of analytic features – perfect for the data-hungry SEO expert looking to streamline their social media efforts.

Get the app: BufferApp


1. LinksSpy

If you’re looking for something to seriously improve your SEO efforts, check out LinksSpy. It’s an automated link intersect analysis and outreach tool, and it’s designed with the growing SEO agency in mind.

It applies the principals of link intersect analysis to identify the web’s best backlinking opportunities – and automates the process of reaching out and approaching each website. It’s a goldmine for uncovering high-PR linking opportunities, and the simple nature of the software makes it perfect for use on your own website, and your clients. With a range of prices to suit every size of SEO agency, it’s a must-have application for the aspiring SEO guru and seasoned search engine pro alike.

Get the app: LinksSpy


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