21 Websites To Get A Link From In 10 Minutes

Hi there link builders!

I know that y'all are extremely busy and don't have much time. That's why we will take a look at a range of websites that allow you to get some good links with 10 minutes or less of work. Let's get going.


Directories are a double-edged sword: Directory submissions were so massively abused in the past, that Google finally had to crack down on the spammers. Because of that, directory links no longer carry as much SEO value as they used to – and having too much will affect your rankings negatively.

However, if done right, you can easily avoid any negative impacts AND targeted directories in your niche are still a good way to directly attract visitors to your page.

Here's a list of worthwhile directories and ways to find directories in your niche:

  • DMOZ.org – the biggest online directory, and very hard to get into. Submit your website and prepare to wait 6 months to a year before you get included – if at all

Q & A websites

Most Question & Answer websites let you place links in both your questions and your answers. Done strategically, these links can bring you a nice chunk of residual traffic to your website. Always make sure to stay within the rules of the Q&A website. Generally, your answer needs to add value to the conversation AND your link needs to tie in perfectly.

  • Quora – the (not so) new kid in town. Not centered around specific topics and built with virality in mind.
  • reddit – the self-proclaimed front page of the internet has many categories (called sub-reddits – e.g. SEO that are Q&A style.
  • HackerNews – Hacker News is the front page for people in the tech startup scene. The category "Ask HN" is just what you are looking for
  • StackExchange – StackExchange is the platform for such websites as StackOverflow, SuperUser and ServerFault, but has grown way beyond technical Q&A. Very strict rules for posting, but if you manage to put in a link you are rewarded with a DoFollow-link
  • Niche-specific Q&A sites – there might be a great Q&A website in your niche, just search for 'questions and answers "your niche"' on Google

Social Networks

You won't be able to get much SEO value out of most social networks, because they use NoFollow-links. But getting a link spread can give you a massive chunk of traffic.

  • Twitter – you're only allowed 140 characters, but Twitter is equally being used for business as it is for personal stuff
  • Facebook – the biggest and most well-known social network
  • LinkedIn – the well-known social network with a focus on business. Quite a few companies share their content on here
  • Google+ – Google's own social network is the only one giving you links with direct SEO value.

Online Profiles

You probably have dozens of accounts online. Why not put them to good use?
You'll probably not end with thousands of visitors rushing your online estate, but constant dripping wears the stone – right?

  • Google+ – G+ allows you to put any number of websites in your profile
  • Twitter – on Twitter you can add one website & you can put your URL in your biography. Doing both guarantees that all the websites scraping Twitter profiles will automatically include a link back to your site
  • Facebook – Even on Facebook you can add your website to the profile
  • StackOverflow or really any StackExchange site – You can add your website to your profile. If you manage to gather 2,000 points on any site, that link gets upgraded to a DoFollow-link.
  • Forums – perhaps you are active on a few different forums and can place your website in those profiles, too. Perhaps you can also use your signature, just be careful that you don't overstep any bounds.
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